Environmental & Social Engineer.

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Environmental & Social Engineer.

هندسه - مدني - معماري - كهرباء - ميكانيك رام الله دوام كامل
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Vacancies Announcement

Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority (PENRA)

Projects Management Unit (PMU)

Palestinian Energy and Natural resources Authority/Projects Monitoring Unit (PMU) is seeking to hire a qualified Environmental

& Social Engineer to Participate on the development and implementation of the Environmental and Social instruments

according to the World Banks (and others) Guidelines and Environmental and Social Standards. The E&S Engineer

should have enough experience and knowledge of the Energy Sector in Palestine to be able to carry out below mentioned

duties and responsibilities. We are seeking a qualified candidate for a full-time position based in Gaza Strip as follows.

1. Job Title: Environmental & Social Engineer.

Key tasks:

1. Participate actively in site specific assessment of the project locations in order to determine the applicable Environmental

and Social Instruments.

2. Participate actively in the stakeholder’s engagement and provide inputs to Environmental and Social instruments.

3. Supervise and monitor the contractor’s compliance to OHS and labor management Procedure.

4. Ensure effective engagement with the stakeholders and manage the information disclosure as per the Stakeholder

Engagement Plan (SEP).

5. Assist on the supervision and monitoring of the adequate implementation of Environmental and Social specific


6. Assist on the preparation of regular Environmental and Social Compliance Reports (ESCR) on compliance status with

the project documentation.

7. Coordinate with the Environmental Quality Authority (EQA) for any additional project requirements.

8. Follow up and update the Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM)

9. Assist on providing the environmental and social training and public awareness campaigns.

10. Produce reports in a manner understood by non-technical people for effective dissemination purpose.

Produce relevant summary documents in Arabic language for dissemination in local levels.

11. Assist on the preparation of reports to be submitted to the PMU Manager as a follow-up on the implementation and

monitoring of the sub-projects.

12. Undertake other duties as per the requirements of the project or as directed by the Environmental and Social


Required Qualifications:

1. Minimum B.A. degree in Engineering, Environmental Management, or Environmental and Occupational Health.

2. Minimum 2 years experience in conducting environmental and social assessments.

3. The applicant should be resident of the Gaza Strip

4. Preferable experience in the field of electrical engineering and environment.

5. Experience in dealing with complaints systems.

6. Fluent English Language (Speaking, Reading, and Writing) is a must.

7. Good experience in producing reports is required

8. Ability to communicate effectively, understand community and stakeholder perspectives and vulnerabilities and to

engage with project affected people and project management teams positively and constructively

9. Knowledge of the project area and the communities in particular Gaza strip.

10. Have very good computer skills in general and especially in MS Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project,


11. Knowledge in the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework is a plus.

12. Knowledge of Palestinian existing laws, policies and regulations in environmental.

Interested eligible candidates should submit personally their CVs with a cover letter (in English) and all supporting documents

(University and experience certificates) no later than Wednesday, 16 march,2022 to the following address:

Gaza – Al-Remal, near Alshefaa Hospital,

PENRA building 1st floor

NOTE: PENRA prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type and promotes equal employment opportunities to all

employees and applicants in recruitment and professional advancement regardless of age, sex, gender, religion, ability,

marital status, family responsibilities, etc.

Eng. Zafer Milhem/PENRA Chairman

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  • تاريخ النشر: 12/03/2022
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  • نوع الوظيفة: دوام كامل
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  • مكان العمل: رام الله
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