Student Internships • Train-to-Hire • On-the-job training • Expatriates

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Student Internships • Train-to-Hire • On-the-job training • Expatriates

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Technology for Youth and Jobs Project - TechStart


RFA #: DAI-HCIS-TS-2022-003

TechStart project aims to shift the dynamic equilibrium of the Palestinian IT sector toward one of continuous upgrading of

firm capabilities and employment growth. It will do so by strengthening the supply of firm capabilities, increasing demand

from international buyers and investors, and stimulating the absorption of high-tech knowledge in the ecosystem.

The project consists of four components tackling the supply side, the enabling ecosystem, and the demand side of IT services.

Component 1 will focus on the supply side, seeking to improve the capabilities of IT service firms by supporting the

technological and managerial upgrading of firms, including the upskilling of workers and supporting the role of women in

the sector. Component 2 will focus on improving the ecosystem of IT service firms in the West Bank and Gaza. This will

be achieved by investing in (a) R&D facilities which can provide access to technology and services to the entire sector, (b)

IT and office infrastructure for businesses who face the most market distortions from trade barriers, and (c) new business

service providers. Component 3 will focus on increasing global demand and investments in the IT services market. This will

be achieved through activities that promote the Palestinian market abroad to increase investment and export opportunities

and broker deals between international firms and Palestinian IT service firms. Component 4 will provide project management

and monitoring.

About the Human Capital Improvement Stipends (HCIS) Program:

This program will help upgrade the skills of the Palestinian IT service workforce through the provision of the following

stipends through four windows:

• Student Internships

• Train-to-Hire

• On-the-job training

• Expatriates

The financial support will be an In-Kind Grant that covers the amount and duration of each stipend with a list of eligible

expenditures in the form of direct bank transfer to the accounts of individual employees

Eligibility Criteria:

Each firm applying for this program must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. Be a company legally registered, and operating out of the West Bank and Gaza; or in the process of legal registration; or

committed to register with Ministry of National Economy

2. Firms are IT services companies and business service providers working in the technology field in software development,

computer programming and consultancy, data processing, hosting or related activities, or mature tech / techenabled

startups that have some traction in the market and are already generating revenues.

3. Be operational for at least 6 months prior to applying to the program. A company is considered operational if it engages

in activities on a daily basis to increase the value of the enterprise, has existing customers, or has employment contracts

and paying salaries

4. Projects have minimal or non-existent environmental impacts.

Each firm needs to comply with the selection criteria for the specific stipend window they apply for.

To learn more about the eligibility and selection criteria, please visit:

Application Deadline: Applications are assessed on rolling basis subject to funds availability.

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